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Serve as the effective medium for the general public , potential students and their parents to learn more about Yu Da University of Science and Technology or make decisions on enrollment applications.


  1. Activity of student recruiting

    To participate the technological and vocational education fairs

    To participate the graduated school fairs

    To participate the continuing education fairs of vocational high schools

    To introduce features and courses of YDU by lectures in vocational high schools

    To invite vocational high school students to visit the professional classrooms and equipments of YDU


  2. DM design

    DM/DVD of introduction of YDU

    DM/DVD of student recruiting

    Poster of undergraduate and graduated school


  3. Strategy alliances

    Make the contract with strategy alliance schools

    launch the actual activities with strategy alliance schools


  4. Design and advertise the messages of student recruiting on media (TV programs, newspaper advertisements, radio , T-bar etc.)


  5. Others:

    Regular updates and design the web sites of the Admission Center

    Internet information feedback for admission questions

    Scholarship application

    Collect and analysis different information of student recruiting

    Public the information of the entrance exams

    to survey and revise the requirements for admission;

    to control budget of the Admission Center


Position Name Extension E-mail Address
Director Rong-Tsu Wang 7000
Director YEN PI-HSZA 1310
Director Chun-Fang,Liu 1300

Staff Li-Ching Wang 1301
Staff LO YUN HSUAN 1311

Contact Us

Location: Room 121 of Administration Building
Working Hours: Monday ~ Friday 8:20~17:10 (12:10~13:20 Lunch Time)
Phone Number: +886-37-651-188 Ext. 1300~1303
Fax Number: +886-37-652-256